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jaljala rolpa Nepal , beautiful place of Rolpa
Paschim Nepal

Jaljala Rolpa, a new tourist destination of Nepal

Rural tourists visiting Jaljala rolpa are interested not only to observe the natural beauty but also to learn about Rolpa’s public life, language, culture and the villages that were affected during the People’s War. Lately, many rural tourists have been visiting the villages of Rolpa through guerrilla footpaths. The first […]

Beautiful places in Dolakha
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Beautiful places of Dolakha to visit – Cable car in Kalinchok !

With the development of tourism infrastructure, Beautiful places of Dolakha and also the Kalinchok Bhagwati Temple in Dolakha has become an attractive destination for pilgrims & Travelers. Dolakha is considered to be a district rich in religious, natural, biological and water resources with archeological and mythological historical significance. Due to […]

Panch pokhari,
Langtang National Park

Panch pokhari is a must visit place. Why and How go to Panch Pokhari?

History and legends of Panch Pokhari There are many tourist destinations in Nepal. Some of the lakes, ponds and natural beauty in the lap of the mountains fascinate the tourists. Tourists can study different castes, religions, cultures and lifestyles during the visit. On the other hand, one can observe the […]